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XP Deus II Complete Carbon-Fiber S-Shaft System


Our Deus complete shaft allows for complete replacement of the stock XP shaft with a lightweight, all-carbon-fiber shaft of precision design and impeccable quality. Engineered with careful attention to detail, our goal was to incorporate the best features of the stock XP shaft (light weight, collapsibility), and yet offer substantial improvements over the XP stock shaft. For more information on these improvements, please see this description of our Shaft Design Highlights.

In addition to our "standard-configuration" shaft, which includes our custom-designed, all-carbon-fiber arm cuff, and a 22 1/2" lower rod, there are several optional customizations/add-ons, as follows...


Price: $259 + shipping (black), $279 + shipping (red/black). Email to purchase!
Availability: IN STOCK

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