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XP Deus Complete Carbon-Fiber Shaft Design Highlights...

Our Deus II carbon-fiber shaft allows for complete replacement of the stock XP Deus 2 shaft with a lightweight, all-carbon-fiber shaft of precision design and impeccable quality. Engineered with careful attention to detail, our goal was to incorporate the best features of the stock XP shaft (light weight, collapsibility), and yet offer substantial improvements -- some subtle, and some more obvious. These improvements include:
While our "standard configuration" shaft is longer than the stock shaft, the shaft section lengths can be customized -- either longer or shorter -- depending upon customer need. If the stock shaft is more than long enough for your needs, we can shorten each section length, offering a customized (and slightly lighter) version of the shaft tailored to your needs. On the other hand, if you prefer shaft that is even longer than our "standard" length, we can do that as well -- with "tall-man" lower rods up to 30" in length. In addition to length customizations, there are also two additional options that are available for customizing the shaft to your needs. These two options are:
  1. The "counterweight-ready" option ($10)
    This option includes addition of a threaded female fitting in the butt end of the shaft, with the shaft then capped with a screw-in end cap. This fitting facilitates the use/attachment of my optional counterweight system. While our shaft is already better-balanced than the stock shaft, for reasons relating to the weight redistribution as described above, utilizing counterweighting is the ultimate solution for those who still find the Deus a bit imbalanced/nose-heavy, especially when swinging one of the larger coils.

  2. The "inside-the-shaft" antenna wire option ($10)
    This option includes holes in the shaft -- one in the top of the middle section and one in the bottom of the lower rod (both on the underside of the tubes) -- to allow the antenna wire to be run inside the shaft, for those who prefer that capability.

**FINALLY, it should also be noted that our Deus II shaft is compatible with both the Deus I and ORX units from XP, IF YOU ARE USING LF COILS. However, please note that since an HF coil's battery resides within the XP lower rod (as opposed to residing in the coil itself as is the case with the LF coils), and since the XP stock lower rods are NOT COMPATIBLE with my shaft, HF coils cannot be used with a Deus I or ORX that is installed on this shaft.**

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Our Deus II carbon-fiber shafts

Our Deus II carbon-fiber shafts
Our Deus II carbon-fiber shafts

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