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"This year in February 2018, I bought a carbon-fiber lower shaft from Steve for my CTX. When I received it, I couldn't believe how well the shaft was made and you can't beat the price! It's by far better than the stock lower shaft. I liked the hole that is on the lower right side, so there is not any stress on the coil cable. If you are looking to replace, or need an extra lower rod for your CTX, you will be extremely happy with it like I am."
- Bryan Chapman (Mooresville, Indiana)

"I ordered two CTX 3030 carbon-fiber lower rods from Steve. When the rods were delivered, I could not believe how well constructed they were. The tolerances of the rods for my coils and my CTX's upper rod were without any doubt better than the factory lower rod! I also wanted to mention the little tweak he made to the lower rod's mounting bracket - offsetting the coil's cord entrance to the lower rod from it's factory 'underneath' opening, to the right side of the rod's mounting bracket (the same side as the coil's cord, reducing the angle and stress on the coil connector). To me, this makes more sense than the way the professional engineers at Minelab constructed the lower mounting bracket of the factory lower rod. Also to top it off, the price Steve is selling his rods for is just unbelievable compared to the factory rods!

I can honestly attest, that not only are Steve's CTX carbon-fiber lower rods much, much cheaper than the factory rods, the quality, construction and tolerances of his carbon-fiber lower rods rival their factory-built Minelab counterparts! I promise the next coil I purchase for my CTX will have one of Steve's rods attached to it! Do like I did and take a chance on his lower rods, I promise you will not be disappointed!"
- Darryl Galloway (Franklinton, Louisiana)

"I bought three of Steve's lower Minelab CTX 3030 carbon-fiber replacement rods for my additional coils. They are super good quality and so much better than the field exchange of the coils during a hunt. And you cannot beat the price, that's for sure."
- Joe Poplin (Pryor, Oklahoma)

"Finally got home today after a little vacation at a casino. I am glad to say that the best gamble I made was to get this shaft. Solid construction, great fit, and an all around perfect addition to my CTX. Thank you for the quality workmanship on this shaft Steve!"
- Robert Tripp (Grovetown, Georgia)

"Just received my two Equinox carbon-fiber lower rods from Steve. I am very impressed! Shipped fast, packed well and they are really, really nice looking rods. Fit and finish is top notch! Thanks for the great service and communication Steve."
- Bryan Varney (Newman Lake, Washington)

"It's apparent you have come up with an affordable yet quality product that was in need. I and several others it appears weren't prepared to spend $175.00 on a Minelab CTX shaft to save 5+ minutes of frustration of switching coils in warm weather much less cold weather. You have made it bearable to do that with your product."
- Keith Daleen (Sedalia, Missouri)

"After my purchase of one of Steve's Equinox carbon-fiber more wobble, wiggle, or rattle! Now it feels like the high-end machine that it is. Thank you Steve, it's just great! I love the cam lock; it's 12 degrees here with some snow on the ground, and I was in the yard testing it out! Thanks again!"
- Jason Dunn (Marysville, IN)

" I got my shaft today. Just want to let you know you do some fine work; I really like it! Thank you very much"
- Larry Bernard (Saint Cloud, FL)

" I've got about 20 hours or so on my Equinox complete shaft from Steve, and I couldn't be happier with it! The new shaft is slightly lighter than the stock shaft, but more importantly, I feel like the rig has better overall balance than the stock shaft, even without counterbalancing. The two piece shaft can be adjusted to virtually any length using the cam lock, which is probably part of the reason the balance feels better out of the box. I went with the option that allows addition of counterweights, but I haven't ordered the weights yet - I don't feel like I'll need them, unless I go with a 15" coil. I also like that the new shaft collapses to a slightly shorter length than the old shaft (45" versus 47" with the 8" stock coil folded flat), which makes it a little easier for me to fit it in my trunk or a travel bag without completely breaking the rig down. And although I hadn't experience any shaft wobble with the stock shaft (yet), I'm happy knowing I don't have to worry about it at all. Fit and finish are all high quality - the shaft really looks great. One other small but potentially important benefit - the lower rods on Steve's shaft utilize a normal, circular shaped o-ring instead of Minelab's odd tear drop shaped o-rings. If I ever need to replace the o-rings, it's nice to know I can probably just pick them up at the local hardware store instead of special order from Minelab. All that and Steve was a great guy to deal with - fast and efficient customer service. I can highly recommend the shaft to anyone looking for an aftermarket shaft for their Equinox. "
- Ben Motisher (Bowling Green, OH)

"I recently purchased your counter weighted Carbon Fiber shaft for my Equinox. I finally had some time do some extended Detecting with it. I was out for 4 1/2 hours with the 11 inch coil. The balance with the counter weight was perfect and eliminated all nose heaviness of the coil. Even after 4 1/2 hours I wanted to keep Detecting but had to stop due to other commitments. Congratulations on a well made and designed product. It really looks beautiful and makes my Equinox a joy to use. I can't wait to try it at the beach. I would highly recommend this shaft!"
- Steve Bunce (La Verne, CA)

"I was able to get out with the Equinox 800 w/ 11" coil for about 10-12 hours over the past several days. I can honestly attest that Steve's Custom Carbon Fiber Shafts w/ counterweight makes a HUGE difference in eliminating forearm/wrist fatigue while using the 800 for long hunts. I highly recommend this setup if arm comfort is your goal!"
- Clint S. "Deep Digs" (NE Wisconsin)

"I had been looking to add a carbon fiber upper and lower section to my new Equinox 800. I looked all over the internet, and saw that others had various offerings. I settled on purchasing one from Steve at I ordered the "Counterweight-Ready Complete Carbon-Fiber Shaft System. I was intrigued with this idea of a counterweight system, and read good reviews on its use on the Equinox 600/800. I called Steve, and he promptly called me back, and we talked about his Carbon Fiber Shaft System. Steve answered all my questions, and we talked at great length about metal detecting, and I could tell that he had a great passion for his product, and providing something different with a purpose behind it, that I had never seen before. What a great idea I thought when I saw this. My shaft system came promptly in less than a few days. The carbon fiber upper and lower rods were flawless and looked awesome. I chose the upper rod without the adjustment holes, as I was after a clean look. Let me tell you, it really is a clean look, and I can narrow down a better adjustment length of the shaft to my liking. A lot of thought went into this, and once you see it, you will agree. Everything was perfect about it. The cam lock works fantastic, and there is no wobble period. I have put several hours on the new system using the counterweight and it is a joy to use, and truly does improve the balance as you notice it right away while swinging your coil. I opted for the 4 1/2" - 5" length counterweight, and it is a good match, and you can even adjust the amount of weight you want, by adding or subtracting weight inside the counterweight tube by removing the Delrin end cap that comes with it. OMG! what a difference the center of balance made, and it is a noticeable difference. Indeed it does help, balancing out the leverage needed to minimize or counter act the downward fatigue you can feel when using the bigger coils at the end of the shaft. The ergonomics are just great, and I am very pleased with my decision to go this route. I can see longer hours in my future, metal detecting. Steve can customize any preferences you may have for yourself. Better yet, Steve is a stand up guy, who is dedicated to helping you and stands behind what he truly believes is a top notch carbon fiber shaft system. Thank you, Steve!"
- Paul Asbell - (Sedona, Arizona)

"I received the carbon fiber detector shaft and accessories very promptly, the quality is outstanding. But more so it's the engineering. It is beyond my expectations. The cam lock and the counterweight additions are genius. Thanks for outstanding communications, and a product that is light years ahead of the competition!!!!!"
- Fred Holston - (Mount Pleasant, South Carolina)

"Purchased complete shaft setup with weight balancer. Steve does a great job explaining the setup and very knowledgeable and friendly. Product was shipped quickly and packaged well. Super impressed at the build quality. Visually it is a 10/10. Noticed a very slight weight difference from stock shaft, but the big difference is the weight balancer. I tested with and without the balancer and noticed a big difference on the stress to my arm and wrist. Very happy with purchase, thank you Steve!"
- Casey Davis - (Murrieta, California)

"I received the rod exactly when you said I would have it. I want you to know that in today's business environment you're product and service stand out, way out. It was such a pleasure to deal with your company. Your responsiveness was such that I felt we were face to face having a conversation and your product knowledge is amazing. I thought a detector rod was a detector rod, but you fit mine to me like a Brooks Brothers suit. I love it and feel as though I can hunt much longer now, my wife thanks you too. I'd recommend any dectorist looking for a custom detector rod that will enable to hunt longer and therefore find more of what they are hunting for contact you as I did and purchase your product. I thank you again sir!"
- Brian McLean - (Trinity, Florida)

First I'd like to say how absolutely wonderful dealing with Steve at Steve's Detector Rods has been. He bent way over to make my purchase one of the best I have ever had. This gentleman is superb. Now on to the counter weight. I had already had rods from Detect-ED and Steve's counter weight fit perfectly onto these rods. I used an epoxy commonly available that Steve suggested and I happened to have on hand. Perfect fit and easy to install. I've been able to get out before things freeze here in Wisconsin and try these weights and clearly notice a big difference. I'm 70 and this new hobby really aggravated my left "swinging" shoulder. Upon setting up my Nox 800 with this weight system and going out to search I can't say enough. A big improvement in coming back home and not having this shoulder be extremely sore is wonderful. Thanks much to Steve in stepping me through the install, benefits, and just having another person to talk detecting with.
- Joe DeVoe - (Germantown, Wisconsin)

Steve's Detector Rods customer service and product quality is hands down some of the best I have ever experienced. I needed a custom rod for my Equinox 800 that would break down enough to fit into a suitcase and Steve delivered! Steve took the time to make sure that he could build the rod to my specifications and still deliver a quality product that would hold up without issue. One of the best on-line buying experiences I have ever had and I give Steve's Detector Rods a 10 out of 10!
- George F. - (Gig Harbor, Washington)

Peerless quality, attention to detail and customer service is what defines Steve's Detector Rods. It has been an absolute pleasure working through the purchase and the after sale. Steve's product quality and service is the best I've ever experienced. My new Deus 2 shaft is a pleasure to look at and a joy to swing. If you are looking for the best shaft and customer service for your detector needs, look no further.
- Bob Monteith - (Sandy, Oregon)

Steve's Detector Rods are honest, reliable, and make an awesome detector shaft. I recommend them to anyone looking for an exact fitment for an additional shaft to help change coils more quickly. Steve, the owner, kept me informed throughout the process of getting the Manticore lower shaft to me. His professionalism and attention to detail has earned him another loyal customer for life. Thank you, Steve, for not only a great product, but a great buying experience too!
- John Freeland - (Winchester, Ohio)

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