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XP Deus II Carbon-Fiber Lower Rod

Our lower rods for the XP Deus II are made of high-quality 100% 3K carbon-fiber tubes, along with a engineering-grade plastic (POM) "clevis" at the end. Our lower rods, made of "round" carbon-fiber tubes, are designed ONLY for use with our Deus complete shaft, and are NOT compatible with the stock XP shaft. This lower rod includes a washer on both sides, but only the left-hand-side washer protrudes. The washer on the right-hand side is flush with the "clevis," and is not designed to contact the right-hand coil ear. Instead, the lower rod is designed to use the small coil ear "plug" supplied by XP, on the right-hand side (as is done with the stock XP lower rod).
A lower rod that includes the hole near the bottom/on the underside of the lower rod, for inside-the-shaft antenna-wire routing, is available for an additional $5.


Price: $69 + shipping (black). Email to purchase!
Availability: IN STOCK

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