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"Steve's" Carbon-Fiber Arm Cuff

While designed specifically for our Deus II shaft, this comfortable, custom-designed, heavy-duty, all-carbon-fiber arm cuff fits all 22mm (7/8") shafts. In addition to its aesthetic appeal due to the carbon-fiber design, the cuff offers universal adjustment -- requiring no shaft mounting/adjustment holes. It features a Velcro strap, adhesive pad, and marine-grade stainless-steel hardware. The stand is heavy-duty and designed for stability, maintaining upright resting of your detector. Finally, the cuff was designed specifically to be a bit heavier than most "stock" arm cuffs, with the intent being to add a bit of counterweighting to the shaft it is installed on, improving balance -- and thus comfort.

A padded, neoprene cuff cover is also available as an optional accessory, for an additional $20 charge.
In addition to its compatibility with our "Steve's" Deus shafts, it is also compatible with our Equinox 600/800, Gold Monster 1000, Excalibur, and GPX 4500/4800/5000 shafts.


Price: $65 + shipping (add $20 for the padded neoprene cover). Email to purchase!
Availability: IN STOCK

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