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Minelab Excalibur Complete Carbon-Fiber Shaft System


Our complete shaft for the Minelab Excalibur is a "Florida-style" shaft -- i.e. a 2-piece shaft, but with a third, removable, 12" extension piece beyond the arm cuff that permits attachment of the control pod and battery pod (with mounting holes included). The 35 1/2" upper shaft does not include an arm cuff, or a handle, but these can be included at additional cost. The shaft also includes a standard-length (26") lower rod, which attaches to the upper shaft via one one of our heavy duty, adjustable, removable clamping cam locks.

Additional lower rods can be purchased with any complete shaft, at a special add-on price of $55 (black)/$65 (green/black).

Custom-length lower rods can also be substituted for the standard-length lower rod, upon customer request, for an additional $5.

A Minelab Excalibur/Sovereign handle can be included for $40.

A Jeff Herke Arm Cuff (and necessary arm cuff adjustment holes) can be included for $65.


Price: $129 + shipping (black), $139 + shipping (green/black) Email to purchase!
Availability: IN STOCK

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