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Spacers, for all Steve's Detector Rods Lower Rods


We are now offering plastic spacers, for all of our lower rods. These spacers are plastic disks, roughly the same diameter as our rubber washers, but only 0.2mm thick. These spacers are designed to be inserted BEHIND the washers -- in other words, they should be installed into the circular "cavity" in the lower rod end piece PRIOR to washer insertion.

The purpose of the spacers is the maintain proper "width" of the lower-rod end piece that fits between the coil ears. As the rubber washers "wear," due to friction, OR if due to manufacturing deviations, your coil ears are slightly wider than usual, addition of one -- or more -- spacers behind the washers will increase the "width" of the lower rod piece. Adding one spacer, behind only ONE of the two washers (say, the right-hand washer), increases the overall "width" of the lower rod piece by 0.2mm; addition of one spacer behind EACH of the two washers, increases the overall "width" of the lower rod piece by 0.4mm; etc. And since each pack comes with 10 spacers, up to 5 spacers can be added behind each washer, allowing up to a total of 2mm of "width adjustment" (one mm on each side).

One main cause of coil ear breakage, is any pronounced "inward bend" of the coil ears, that is sustained, over time. And one common reason for this "sustained inward bend" of the ears, occurs when the rubber washer surface has worn down over time due to friction, particularly when detecting sandy beaches. As the washer surfaces wear, and the washers become thinner, it requires a tightening of the coil bolt, to keep the coil secure. Over time, this continued tightening of the coil bolt, as the washers become thinner and thinner, eventually results in coil ears that are bent inward, and thus placed under sustained stress. And it is often this stress that eventually results in coil ear breakage.

As such, washer replacement is usually required, as necessary. However, by utilizing the spacers, one can extend the life of their rubber washers, as addition of each spacer behind a worn washer effectively "replaces" 0.2mm of rubber loss. This means less frequent replacement of your rubber washers, but without risking damage to your coil ears, as you are restoring proper lower rod end width through the addition of spacers, in lieu of washer replacement.

These spacers are made of durable nylon, and since they are installed BEHIND the rubber washers, and thus never subject to friction, the spacers will not wear out, and thus can be used over and over. Thus, the spacers are a low-cost, long-term way of maintaining proper lower rod end width, which can help prevent coil ear failure.


Price: $6.50 + shipping, per 10-pack. Email to purchase!
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