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Minelab Equinox 600/800 "Counterweight-Ready" Complete Carbon-Fiber S-Shaft System


Our "counterweight-ready" complete S-shaft system for the Minelab Equinox 600/800 features an all-carbon-fiber upper S-shaft, which includes 4 cuff-adjustment holes, and one hole for the control-box handle (in the same relative positions as on the stock Minelab shaft), along with a heavy duty, adjustable, removable clamping cam lock. The upper shaft includes a threaded insert in the butt-end of the shaft (to permit attachment of the counterweight), and a matching-threaded end cap (to cap the shaft when the counterweight is not being used). Finally, the shaft also includes a matching, standard-length (26") lower rod.

Additional lower rods can be purchased with any complete shaft, at a special add-on price of $55 (black)/$65 (colored).

Custom-length lower rods can also be substituted for the standard-length lower rod, upon customer request, for an additional $5.

Custom-designed 3-piece shafts are also available, upon customer request, for an additional $20.


Price: $169 + shipping (black), $189 + shipping (colored). Email to purchase!
Availability: IN STOCK

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