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Garrett Two-Piece Carbon-Fiber Lower Shaft design/highlights...

Some of Our Garrett lower shaft colors

Like Steve's other rods and shafts, our Garrett two-piece carbon-fiber lower shafts have been designed with quality in mind, at an affordable price. Made of high-quality carbon-fiber tubes and engineering-grade plastics, our shafts are lighter than the factory shafts, and provide the aesthetic appeal of carbon fiber.

The middle carbon-fiber shaft is designed to attach seamlessly to your Garrett upper S-shaft, using your Garrett twist-lock cam.

Meanwhile, however, the lower two carbon-fiber shaft sections connect using one of our heavy-duty clamp-type cam locks. Given the rock-solid (and adjustable) clamping strength of Steve's cam lock, it eliminates the need for inclusion of a lower rod spring button/pin (and thus also eliminates the need for button holes in the middle shaft, for lower rod adjustment). The result is faster, easier, and UNLIMITED adjustment of your lower-rod length, as well as less tedious removal/installation of your lower rod. These benefits and improvements make our rods a logical, affordable alternative.

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