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Equinox 700/900 Carbon-Fiber Lower Rod Design Highlights...

To add to our Equinox 600/800 offerings, our new Equinox 700/900 carbon-fiber lower rods have been designed to pair seamlessly with the Minelab stock 700/900 shaft. As with all of our products, these EQX 700/900 lower rods have been designed with quality in mind, at an affordable price. Made of high-quality 100% 3K carbon-fiber tubes (with ridged/matte surface finish to integrate aesthetically with the stock Minelab shaft), you can expect high performance, and perfect fit with your existing Equinox 700/900 shaft.

For those 700/900 users with multiple coils, and simply wanting an extra lower rod to keep attached to each coil for quick/easy in-the-field coil swaps, our Equinox 700/900 lower rods are a perfect choice; they are available in "standard" length (22"), or can be custom-made in "tall-man" configuration -- up to 26" in length.

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Our Deus carbon-fiber lower rods

Our Deus carbon-fiber lower rods
Our Deus carbon-fiber lower rods

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