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Equinox 600/800 Carbon-Fiber Shaft Design Highlights...

Our Equinox 600/800 Carbon-Fiber Upper Shafts have been designed with quality in mind, at an affordable price. Made of high-quality carbon-fiber tubes, and featuring a secure, heavy-duty, adjustable clamping-type cam lock, our upper shafts are a one-piece section that replaces both the middle and upper sections of the factory Equinox shaft. When paired with one of our carbon-fiber Equinox lower rods, the result is a high-quality, lightweight, stiff and wobble-free complete shaft system, that allows full replacement of the factory shaft.

Here are some of the benefits offered by our complete shaft...
  1. STIFF and STABLE, with NO WOBBLE! Our complete shaft is a very stout/stable design -- built around an extremely strong/secure clamping-type cam lock
  2. ELIMINATION of the need for the spring button/button hole design, therefore allowing the benefit of universal lower rod adjustment length capability -- facilitated by the locking strength of the clamping cam lock system (button holes are, however, available as an option on any shaft, for anyone who still prefers to utilize the lower-rod spring button).
  3. IMPROVED ERGONOMICS, both by decreasing the overall weight of the machine, AND -- optionally -- through utilization of the counter-balancing system we offer (which corrects the nose-heavy feel of the unit, especially when running one of the larger coils)
  4. IMPROVED AESTHETICS, providing the machine with the "high-end" look and appeal of carbon fiber, to match its "high-end" performance

Installation of the shaft is quick and easy; using a 3mm Allen (hex-head wrench), simply remove the four screws at the base of the control-box handle, detach the handle from the shaft, and re-install it on your new carbon-fiber shaft. Then remove the arm cuff by loosening the thumb screw, and re-install it in the cuff-adjustment hole of your choice.

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Our Equinox carbon-fiber shafts

Our Equinox carbon-fiber shafts
Our Equinox carbon-fiber upper

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