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1. "What are the advantages of a carbon-fiber shaft/sand scoop handle?"

Carbon fiber is a unique material, offering a high

... [more]

2. "What is the difference between a 'standard' shaft and a 'counterweight-ready' shaft?"

Here at Steve's Detector Rods, a standard shaft, is one that is ... [more]

3. "What is a counterweight?"

A counterweight is simply weight that is added to an item, to "balance" an otherwise "out-of-balance" situation. At Steve's, ... [more]

4. "What is the purpose of counterweighting a shaft?"

The purpose of counterweighting is to reduce fatigue and/or discomfort, that is ... [more]

5. "Won't adding counterweight simply make my machine feel heavier?"

While adding weight to a detector will obviously add weight to the unit, the paradoxical answer to this question is NO! In most ... [more]

6. "How do I know if counterweighting would benefit me?"

Essentially, the answer to this question is provided to the customer by the machine itself! In other words, ... [more]

7. "How much counterweight would I need, to make my machine more comfortable to swing?"

The amount of counterweight that is needed to bring comfort to a given customer, requires ... [more]

8. "What colors of shafts and scoop handles do you offer?"

That depends upon which machine or scoop handle you are interested in purchasing for. The ... [more]

9. "Can I order a shaft in a color that is not shown on your website?"

I always seek to meet customer needs to the best of my ability, and custom colors ... [more]

10. "Can you custom-build my shaft specific to my needs?"

In short, the answer is YES! I am always willing to ... [more]

11. "Can you build shafts (or sand scoop handles) for detectors (or sand scoops) that are not listed on your webpage?"

I always do my best to respond to any customer requests. Often, I can ... [more]

12. How long does it take for you to build and then ship my item?"

In general, I try to keep several of my standard shaft and scoop-handle options pre-built, and thus ready to ship. When ... [more]

13. "How do I place an order?"

For most of the items offered on my website, ordering ... [more]

14. "What forms of payment do you accept?"

Most of my customers prefer to pay using PayPal, or via debit or credit card, and ... [more]

15. "Can I purchase directly from your website?"

Since so much of the shaft-building work that I do involves a "custom" element ... [more]

16. "How do I track my order, once it is shipped?"

Once your item is shipped, and the package receives its first tracking scan, ... [more]

17. "What shipping methods do you offer?"

Most of my larger items that are shipped within the lower 48 states, are shipped ... [more]

18. "Do you sell/ship internationally?"

Yes, absolutely! I am always happy to serve overseas customers. The only considerations are ... [more]

19. "What is your warranty/return policy?"

When purchasing from Steve's Detector Rods, you can be confident that you will receive ... [more]

20. "How do I contact you for more information?"

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