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Equinox Carbon-Fiber Lower Rod design/highlights...

Our Equinox carbon-fiber lower rod Our Equinox 600/800 carbon-fiber lower rods have been designed with quality in mind, at an affordable price. Made of high-quality carbon-fiber tubes and engineering-grade plastics, our rods are lighter than the factory lower rods, and provide the aesthetic appeal of carbon fiber. Additionally, our rods are 1 3/4" longer than the factory rods (26" long, versus 24 1/4") -- but measure the same distance from the bottom of the rod to the spring button as with the factory rod (22 3/4"). This can be seen in the picture to the left, with the factory rod above, and our lower rod below. As a result, though adjustment length options are the same on our rods as the factory rod (because both locate the spring button at the same relative position), an extra 1 3/4" of length exists beyond the spring button, at the upper end of our lower rod. This change in design over the factory rod has been implemented to allow more of the lower rod to remain inserted in the middle rod, at any chosen adjustment length. As a result, greater "stability" can be achieved, especially when the lower rod is adjusted to maximum length (i.e. the scenario where the smallest length of lower rod remains inserted into the middle rod).

Otherwise, our rods are made to the same exacting dimensions as the factory rod, and therefore these benefits and improvements make our rods a logical, affordable alternative.

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Our Equinox carbon-fiber lower rod

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