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CTX 3030 Carbon-Fiber Lower Rod design/highlights...

Our CTX 3030 carbon-fiber lower rod Our CTX 3030 carbon-fiber lower rods have been designed with quality in mind, and also provide a few key advantages over the stock rod option. First, the cost of our CTX 3030 lower rods is substantially lower than the Minelab stock lower rod. However, in achieving this substantial cost savings, we did NOT sacrifice on quality. These lower rods are constructed with high-quality 3K carbon-fiber tubes, and durable, engineering-grade plastic components. Finally, the plastic components are attached to the tubes using adhesives/epoxies engineered specifically for the types of plastics that we utilize.

In addition to our use of high quality components, design improvements have also been engineered into our CTX 3030 lower rods, as compared to the factory design. The factory rod's design places the coil cable opening on the underneath side of the lower of the rod. This opening location requires sharp "bends" in the coil cable in order to insert the cable into the rod, placing undue stress on the cable-to-coil connector (which can lead to premature connector failure). Further, this "bottom-entry design" for the cable forces the cable to rub on the edge of the coil cable opening, leaving the cable's outer jacket prone to wear/abrasion over time. To mitigate these potential issues, our design places the coil cable opening on the right-hand side of the "clevis/head," adjacent to the cable-to-coil connector. This results in a more natural, less "strained" entry of the cable into the rod.

Otherwise, our rods are made to the same exacting dimensions as the factory rod, and therefore these benefits and improvements make our rods a logical, affordable alternative.

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