“This year in February 2018, I bought a lower shaft from Steve for my “CTX”. When I received it, I couldn’t believe how well the shaft was made and you can’t beat the great price! It’s by far better than the stock lower shaft. I liked the hole that is on the lower right side, so there is not any stress on the coil cable. If you are looking to replace, or need an extra lower rod for your “CTX”, you will be extremely happy with it like I am.”
Bryan Chapman (Mooresville, Indiana)


“I ordered two (2) lower rods from Steve. When the rods were delivered I could not believe how well constructed they were. The tolerances of the rods for my coils and my CTX’s upper rod were without any doubt better than the factory lower rod!!! I also wanted to mention the little tweak he made to the lower rod’s mounting bracket — offsetting the coil’s cord entrance to the lower rod from it’s factory “underneath” opening, to the right side of the rod’s mounting bracket (the same side as the coil’s cord, reducing the angle and stress on the coil connector). To me, this makes more sense than the way the professional engineers at Minelab constructed the lower mounting bracket of the factory lower rod. Also to top it off, the price Steve is selling his rods for is just unbelievable compared to the factory rods!!!

I can honestly attest, that not only are Steve’s lower rods much, much cheaper than the factory rods, the quality, construction and tolerances of his graphite lower rods rival their factory-built Minelab counterparts!!! I promise the next coil I purchase for my CTX will have one of Steve’s rod’s attached to it!!! Do like I did and take a chance on his lower rods, I promise you will not be disappointed!!!”
Darryl Galloway (Franklinton, Louisiana)


“I bought 3 of Steve’s lower Minelab CTX 3030 replacement rods for my additional coils. They are super good quality and so much better than a field exchange of the coils during a hunt. And you cannot beat the price, that’s for sure.”
Joe Poplin (Pryor, Oklahoma)


“Finally got home today after a little vacation at a casino. I am glad to say that the best gamble I made was to get this shaft. Solid construction, great fit, and an all around perfect addition to my CTX. Thank you for the quality workmanship on this shaft Steve!! ”
Robert Tripp (Grovetown, GA)