While Steve’s Rods are very similar to the stock Minelab lower rods, one difference is that the insertion point for the cable is on the side of the rod, as opposed to underneath. While this results in less bending and strain on the coil cable and connector, it does require a couple of additional steps – specifically the removal, and then replacement, of the “coil cable stiffener” attached to the coil cable, near the coil cable’s screw-in connector. These instructions will illustrate all steps needed to ensure quick, easy attachment of the rod to the CTX 3030.






1. Attach the coil to the rod just as you would to the stock Minelab rod, using the Minelab coil bolt, but instead of using the Minelab washers, use the washers which came supplied with your rod.

2. Remove the cable stiffener, by first removing the long “stem” portion of the stiffener from inside the coiled portion of the coil cable.






3. Separate the lower portion of the stiffener from the coil cable, by pulling the cable out of the slot in the stiffener that attaches the coil cable to the stiffener.








4. After unlatching and sliding the upper rod assembly away from the control box, insert the lower rod into the upper rod, the same as you would a Minelab rod (by first turning the rod 90 degrees in either direction away from its “normal” installed position).













5.  Slide the lower rod all the way through the upper rod until it meets the plastic “rod stop” under the arm cuff (see picture).








6.  Grab the cable connector protruding from the end of the rod, and pull it through/out – enough to re-install the cable stiffener. Re-insert the stiffener by first pressing the coil cable into the slot on the stiffener.








 7.  Wrap the coiled cable around the long stem of the stiffener, so that it ends up “inside” the coiled cable.








 8.  Connect the coil cable connector to the control box, as you normally would, being careful not to cross-thread the connector.








9.  With the lower rod fully inserted into the upper rod – touching the “rod stop” under the arm cuff — turn the rod 90 degrees back to its proper position, so that the coil returns back to its correct alignment. Be sure that the small “alignment cam” on the end of the lower rod is facing downward, and is properly aligned with the bottom “slot” of the diamond-shaped upper rod (see picture).

10.  With the lower rod’s cam aligned properly in the upper rod’s lower slot, slide the lower rod down through the upper rod until it reaches the desired length/position, and lock the rod in place with the rod clamp.

11.  Finally lift the latch on the underside of the control box, and slide the upper rod assembly toward the control box until it “clicks” closed.




Installation of your rod is now complete.