Perhaps the most obvious reason to choose one of Steve’s Detector Rods is the price.  At $89 plus shipping, these rods are the most affordable alternative available.  However, please do not assume that favorable pricing means a lack of quality.  Each rod is hand-assembled, using quality carbon-fiber tubes, along with engineering-grade plastics which form the lower coil-attachment end of the rod.  The components are then joined with an epoxy specifically formulated for bonding these materials.

Along with quality components, superior design is another reason to choose Steve’s Rods.  Instead of routing the coil cable through the underside of the rod (which introduces extra, unnecessary bends in the cable, thus increasing risk for both rubbing/abrasion of the cable jacket at rod entry, and strain-induced failure at the cable/coil connection point), Steve’s Rods’ custom design places coil cable entry at the right-hand side of the rod, adjacent to the cable/coil connector.  This results in a more natural “entry point” for the cable into the rod, and thus less risk for damage to the coil from cable strain and/or abrasion.

So, in you are interested in an affordably priced, custom-designed CTX 3030 lower rod, which has been hand-assembled using top-quality materials, please consider one of Steve’s Rods.