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Equinox Complete Carbon-Fiber Shafts

Equinox complete carbon-fiber shaft prototype testing is now complete, with availability expected in mid-January!

Prototype testing of the two Equinox complete shafts (each one with a VERY similar, but slightly different clamping cam lock) is now complete! Both prototype shafts performed excellently, with rock-solid clamping strength noted with both clamps. This was a major focus of the design -- high-quality, secure clamping cam locks -- so as to eliminate any potential for "shaft wobble," (as was reported from some users with the Minelab stock Equinox shafts), AND to eliminate the need for the spring button/button hole design. I am happy to say that both of these goals have been successfully met -- with both shafts proving to be very solid/secure, and with this stability achieved without the use of button holes on the shaft!

I would like to note, however, that because my lower shafts do include a spring button (for backwards compatibility with the Minelab middle rod), any customer who wishes to utilize this spring button with my complete shaft, may place a custom order for button holes to be included on their shaft, if they so desire. While this may provide some users (especially salt-water hunters who encounter heavy surf at times) a bit of extra "peace-of-mind," the clamping strength of the cam locks is such that my "standard" shafts will not include button holes. One benefit of a shaft without button holes, of course, is that adjustment length of the lower rod is UNIVERSAL, instead of being limited to specific "adjustment points" at button-hole positions.

In addition to the shafts being very strong/sturdy, they will also be lighter, overall, than the stock shaft -- 129g vs. 189g, respectively. Given this lighter weight, the strong/secure/wobble-free attachment via the clamping cam lock, and the overall aesthetic appeal of carbon fiber, these shafts are an excellent upgrade to the stock Minelab shaft system.

The shafts will come in a few different configurations, with customization also possible beyond these specific configurations (including custom lower rod lengths, etc.) Each shaft will be 34 7/16" long, and will include four holes for arm cuff adjustment, and one hole for the control-box handle. Each will also include a clamping cam lock, for securing a lower rod to the upper shaft, and an end cap at the butt-end of the shaft.

Here are a few of the expected configurations that will be available, and initial, preliminary pricing for each...

Our Equinox Complete Shaft

1. Carbon-fiber upper shaft, no lower rod, permanent end cap.

$79.00 plus shipping

2. Carbon-fiber upper shaft, plus 26" carbon-fiber lower rod, permanent end cap.

$129.00 plus shipping

3. Carbon-fiber upper shaft, no lower rod, threaded end cap (for compatibility with the optional counter-weight system)

$89.00 plus shipping

4. Carbon-fiber upper shaft, plus 26" carbon-fiber lower rod, threaded end cap (for compatibility with the optional counter-weight system)

$139.00 plus shipping

5. Spring button holes can be added to any of the above shaft, as a custom option.

$10.00 per shaft

Optional accessory design is also nearing completion!

Along with the shafts themselves, a couple of unique, optional accessories have been planned for the shaft system -- and I'm happy to say that success is being made on this front, as well!

A counterbalance system for the Equinox shafts is in the final testing stage

A unique counterbalance system -- to be offered as an accessory for the Equinox complete shaft -- is also in the final stages of testing, and is also expected to be available in January. The idea arose in response to ergonomic/nose-heaviness issues that have been noted by many Equinox users. These counterweights will be comprised of short (roughly 2" to 6" long) lengths of carbon-fiber tube, slightly larger in diameter than the upper shaft. These tubes will screw into a threaded fitting installed into the butt-end of the upper shaft, and can be customized to whatever weight a customer may desire. Additionally, the tubes will be capped with a threaded end cap, which can be removed to access the internal weight (lead pellets). Therefore, the amount of weight is fully adjustable -- weight can be added, or removed, depending upon the scenario (different-sized coil being used, etc.) or the desires of the user.

Based on testing, complete/perfect balance of the 12" x 15" coil is obtained (based on an "average" length adjustment of the lower rod), at 28 oz. Similarly, complete/perfect balance of the 11" coil is obtained at 25 oz. Therefore, any customer who desires to achieve perfect balance when using the 12" x 15" coil, would order a counterweight of 28 oz. (which would be roughly 6" long). Then, through removal of 3 oz. of weight, the counterweight could be adjusted to perfectly balance the 11" coil. Similarly, removal of another 12 oz. of weight would result in perfect balance with the use of the 6" coil.

However, I would also note that if a customer feels that adding 25 oz. to 28 oz. of total weight to the Equinox would make the overall weight of the unit heavier than they desire, lighter, custom-weighted counterweights can also be ordered. While a lighter weight would not perfectly balance the machine, even improved balance makes the unit much easier/more pleasant to swing. For instance, if an Equinox user finds the machine quite comfortable to swing, even for long periods of time, with the 6" coil attached, but when using the 12" x 15" coil the "nose-heaviness" of the machine results in fatigue over time, then a counterweight can be employed -- one with the amount of weight included set to perfectly "offset" the additional weight that the 12" x 15" coil adds to the unit, as compared to when swinging the 6" coil. In this case, a 12 oz. counterweight would be used -- to balance the additional weight of the 12" x 15" coil, thus making the "feel" of the Equinox when swinging the 12" x 15" coil the same as it feels when swinging the 6" coil (without counterweight).

The bottom line is, these counterweights will be offered in a few "standard" lengths and weights, but can be customized -- either prior to purchase, OR simply through addition or removal of weight from the counterweight via the removable screw cap -- to fit any customer's desires/preferences/comfort level. The customization offered, the ease of installation or removal, and the overall balance improvement they will offer, will hopefully make these counterwieghts a welcome addition/accessory to my complete shaft system.

"Herke" arm cuffs will be an optional accessory for the Equinox shafts!

For those of you familiar with Herke arm cuffs, and in particular those who have used Herke cuffs on one or more of their machines in the past, you know the quality that is built into these lightweight, sturdy, aluminum arm cuffs. These cuffs are top-notch accessories that have been available for years, produced for many different brands/models of detectors by Mr. Jeff Herke. I am pleased to announce that Jeff and I are partnering to offer Herke arm cuffs for the Equinox, as an optional accessory with my complete shaft system! At first, the cuffs will be a "limited time only" offering, as only a small, initial batch of the cuffs has been produced. However, if customer demand for the cuffs exceeds current supply, additional production of the cuffs may result in them becoming a permanent offering! Additionally -- as has been the case with Herke cuffs designed for other units, an optional, padded neoprene cuff cover will also be available

As with the counterbalance system, I believe that the quality, durability, and adjustability of these Herke arm cuffs will prove them to be an excellent accessory for my complete shafts!

Please stay tuned for announcements regarding the date when the first of these shafts will become available for sale. Current target date for the shafts, and the Herke cuffs, is mid- January, with the counterwieghts available very shortly thereafter.

In summary, if you are interested in a wobble-free, perfectly balanced, high-quality, complete carbon-fiber shaft system for their Minelab Equinox, please check back often for updates. In addition, if you know of anyone else who may likewise be interested, please share this information with them -- either via this website, or through my Facebook business page at

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